Video: Ethnic cleansing in Dominican Republic of Haitian decent


Ethnic cleansing in DR of Haitians! Dehumanization=abuse of rights=steps to GENOCIDE! Birthright crisis - http://vimeo.com/28635408

"The Dominican Republic's highest court has taken away the citizenship rights of children of Haitian migrants born after 1929, meaning that more than 210,000 Dominican-born children of Haitian descent could be deported by next year." (Dominican Republic Revokes Citizenship For Haitian Children http://bit.ly/1fXgm4l ; The Dominican Court ends the citizen rights of children of Haitian immigrants in the DR http://nyti.ms/1aviBrM ).

This retroactive law, also means only Haitians over the age of 84 in the DR are effectively endowed with political and civil rights! Haitians who are under 84 years old, may have their identification papers, passports and travel papers voided, confiscated! Those who don't comply, criminalized for using ID papers they legally used all their lives in the DR as legal DR citizens.

All Haitians younger than 84 years old are stripped of all rights - rendered non-citizens, unable to go to school, travel, purchase property, own their properties... STATELESS! Ethnic cleansing by law! Opening up thievery and pillage of hard working Haitian assets earned since 1929 in DR.... The disenfranchising people who know no other country because of their skin color and African parentage. (Dominican Republic Revokes Citizenship For Haitian Children - http://bit.ly/1fXgm4l)

According to Refugee International: "Being stateless means having no legal protection or rights to participate in political processes, inadequate access to social services, poor employment prospects, little opportunity to own property or travel, and few protections against trafficking, harassment, and violence. Statelessness also has a disproportionate impact on women and children." (1937DR Massacre pf Haitians - http://www.refugeesinternational.org/what-we-do/statelessness)

Genocide experts have shown that genocide happens in eight proven stages (http://bit.ly/1bpZqk8). Stripping of citizenship rights, classifying Haitians as inferior in the DR is a sure step towards justifying GENOCIDE (Statelessness - http://bit.ly/18Kwoez, Genocide Watch (http://bit.ly/1bpZqk8)

In response to the Dominican ruling, the Martelly/Lamothe government recalled the Haiti ambassador to Dominican Republic (http://bit.ly/GzFnov)

Folks, in 1937, Haitians experienced the vulgar Trujillo massacre of Haitians in the Dominican Republic (Haiti: 1937 Massacre http://fowomouvriye.org/Bulletins/001/70YearsAgo.html)

Since that era, genocide experts have shown that genocide happens in eight proven stages (http://bit.ly/1bpZqk8):

1. Classification
2. Symbolization
3. Dehumanization
4. Organization
5. Polarization
6. Preparation
7. Extermination
8. Denial

The process is not linear. All stages continue to operate throughout the process. Logically, the first stage is to classify the victim as inferior.

Historically, in the DR, all Blacks are Haitians. All Haitians are generally reviled as inferior, dehumanized and exploited, especially if they are poor and lack observable European features, have curly hair and/or are proud to identify themselves as African. (Black denial = Dominicans in the Dominican Republic http://hrld.us/18MTsGz \Baseball player Sammy Sosa's change of skin color to fit better in DR racist society - http://on.fb.me/GzFUH9)

Stripping Haitians born in DR after 1929 of citizenship makes nearly 250,000 Haitians as STATELESS (Statelessness http://bit.ly/18Kwoez )

According to Refugees International, being "stateless means having no legal protection or rights to participate in political processes, inadequate access to social services, poor employment prospects, little opportunity to own property or travel, and few protections against trafficking, harassment, and violence,"

A stateless Haitian in the DR is effectively without human, political, economic or any civil rights that the state must protect. It is a form of DEHUMANIZATION in order to ethnic cleanse (http://bit.ly/11KMWME) and will continue and exacerbate the historical and racist abuses without relief of Haitians in the DR, eventually leading to GENOCIDE.

Haiti must STOP the extermination of Haitians in the DR NOW< NOW< NOW!!!!! Before more of our brothers and sisters are annihilated while the world remains SILENT!

AFRICANS need NO MORE APOLOGIES! WE are human beings and require life, health, JUSTICE and prosperity!

The Martelly/Lamothe government took a first and immediate step. It recalled the Haiti ambassador to the DR. This is positive and HLLN supports it 100 percent. However, besides recalling the Haiti ambassador to the DR. The Haiti gov. must put an embargo on all DR/Haiti gov contracts IMMEDIATELY. File a human rights complaint at OAS and Hague courts against the DR for stripping Haitians of inalienable rights as humans. Kick out the DR ambassador to Haiti. Expel DR diplomats. Close down their embassy in Haiti. Stop all trade immediately with the Dominican gov...close down the border to the DR. Enough Haiti suffering in the DR...Take back our people. Get all their construction trucks out of Haiti. Boycott all DR tourism and industry. Tell the NGOs and US thieves hire Haitians at the same rate they're paying foreigners in Haiti or GET THE HELL OUT. Work with the Diaspora for an investment/job plan in agriculture - Haiti's strengths. Oh, and don't forget to recall the Haiti ambassador in Washington. Tell the US to keep its Miami Rice and corrupt food aid that destroys Haiti local economy. Add a 100% hike in Haiti tariff on it! Reach for a sovereign Haiti. Denounce SOFA. Lift up Desalin's Law, Ezili Dantò's children. Tell the Haiti oligarchy in ca-hoots with the imperial DR restaveks to go live in the DR! or Washington. Take back Africa's children suffering for centuries.

Ayisyen - Haitian-Dominican, Sonia Pierre (http://bit.ly/vMswfV ) gave her life, her breath, her health, her very soul to protect and defend the inalienable right to life, health, and justice of Haitians and Haitian-Dominicans in the Dominican Republic. She fought for the citizen rights of Haitians born in the DR. This ruling is like the US occupation- a denial of Haitian human and equal rights. A prelude to slaughter and another genocide. It must be stopped. Se mèt kò ki veye kò - The Haiti population must look out for itself..before this goes further...Ayisyen, kote nou ye?" Ezili Dantò/Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network (HLLN)
Forwarded by Ezili's Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

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