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Martelly was broke before the election, but in May 2011 he offered 1 million to buy Abaka bay Resort (Il a Vache) . where did the money came from ?

martelly-crabe-cirriqueMartelly -  Ile à VacheMichel Martelly was a broke man before the election.   Public records have shown that his houses in Florida was going for foreclosure, his girlfriend Sabine Jean Jacques was suing for child support, creditors was calling from left to right, Martelly  admitted during the Presidential debate in Haiti that he was having financial hardship.

According to Robert Dietriech one of the owners of ABAKA BAY Resort located in Ile a Vache,   in May 2011, Martelly made an offer of 1 million US dollars to Mr. Dietriech to purchase 51% of the resort. 

Tout Haiti invite you to read  an excerpt from an interview published by Dady Chery in The Fight for Haiti's Ile a Vache: An Exclusive Interview With Abaka Bay's Robert Dietrich

Dady Chery. Haiti Observateur has reported that Abaka Bay has caught the attention of the Martelly-Lamothe government, and that there is a move afoot to take away the property from you and other coastal lands from Ile a Vache residents. Would you elaborate on this?

Robert Dietriech. Facts: In May 2011 my ex father-in-law, Fernand Sajous, gets a call from Mr. Martelly inquiring about buying into Abaka Bay Resort S.A.; he wants 51 percent for $1 million. My ex father in-law calls and gives me the news, and I say no way. I write up a counter proposal to sell up to 49 percent so that we never lose control. A power of attorney is drafted by Gary Lissade personally, as he and Fernand Sajous are good friends, and he originally set up the corporation Abaka Bay Resort S.A in 2004.

Until May of 2011, I had seen Gary Lissade only once, during the construction of the resort... and now he wanted to negotiate a deal for me? The POA was drafted and signed by my ex-wife Melissa Dietrich, who owned 25 percent of the corporation, and I owned 25 percent and signed also. Fernand Sajous owns 25 percent and his wife Dinah Sajous, who owns 25 percent, were suppose to sign. I will never know, as I never got a counter offer after I submitted my counter offer. My offer was a minimum of $80,000 per share and maximum of $100,000 per share. So if they decided to buy 49 percent, they would have had to pay between $3.0 to $4.9 million. From what I understand, the negotiations broke down and were dropped by the other party.

abakabay-resort-robert-dietrichRobert Dietrich

Four months go by, and then we get an invitation by the President to meet Laurent Lamothe, the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, to come to Miami and discuss a potential opportunity to manage a build-out [development] project of Ile a Vache. We meet on October 1, 2011 at Global Voice in Miami. By then I had discussed a tentative agreement with a team of professionals (Ritz Carlton architects) to administer the "Ile a Vache Project" from start to finish and asked the team's manager to join me so he could introduce the companies that would be involved if we came to an agreement. I'll just say this: Laurent Lamothe's words were "The Government of Haiti will support you in all areas of the project." I must stop at this point, though, because I don't know what legal actions might be on the horizon.


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