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Laurent, you told me Corruption was OK !!! said Richard Morse (RAM) in reference to the trial for corruption of the former Virginia's Governor

Richard Morse (RAM) Charles Antoine Forbin consul NY et Laurent Lamothe

Tout Haiti present a string of tweets between Richard Morse, a former adviser to haitian president Michel Martelly, who resigned because of his stand against the rampant corruption that plagues the government headed by Laurent Lamothe

" Former Virginia governor on trial for corruption..Laurent, you told me corruption was ok!! I don't get it..Oh I see!! It's ok in Haiti..
And the conversation goes on between RAMHaiti and two of his followers

---- llio d(jeune Haiti) @durandis
@RAMhaiti isn't it legal in Haiti. Bandit Legal.....

---- Evens Jean ‏@yonseljan

---- RAMhaiti ‏@RAMhaiti
Seriously! If corruption is legal in Haiti, why should I be the one complaining!! No more!! @AmbPWhite @durandis

---- Evens Jean ‏@yonseljan
@RAMhaiti @AmbPWhite it's the way of governing in countries like Haiti. See El Rancho Accord.

-- Jersey PINK ‏@babydocdo
@RAMhaiti Corruption is not ok anywhere. It disrespects it's people and it's country.


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